Detailed rules for claiming the BeWater Genesis Badge are as follows:

1) Activity time

The activity ends at 9:00 UTC+8 on April 17th and the airdrop will be completed before 9:00 UTC+8 on April 18th.

2) Claiming steps

  1. Visit the website, click the "Claim Your Badge" button, and connect your Ethereum wallet.
  2. Connect your Figma and GitHub accounts:
  3. Complete the claim operation:

3) Claim Limit

  1. Each Ethereum wallet address can only claim the BeWater Genesis Badge once. If a wallet address has already claimed the badge, it cannot be claimed again.
  2. If the Figma or GitHub account you connect was registered after April 3th, we regret that we will not airdrop the badge to that wallet address and will release the corresponding username after the activity ends. Our main purpose is to recognize and reward experienced users who are already designers and developers, encourage them to share their creativity and skills on the BeWater platform, and help us build a better blockchain community together.

4) Notes